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OISE 'Black Faculty in Conversation' series 2023

Professor Erica Walker, Assistant Professor Qui D. Alexander, Professor Dr. Ann Lopez, Assistant Professor Andrew Campbell, Lecturer Dr. Marie A. Green & Assistant Professor Linda Iwenofu, moderated by Prof. Andrew Campbell

'Black Faculty in Conversation' series  2022: Introducing the OISE Center for Black Studies in Education

Profs. George Dei, Njoki Wane, Lance McCready, rosalind hampton, Amal Maddibo, Linda Iwenofu & Whitneé Garrett-Walker, moderated by Prof. Andrew Campbell

Early academic reading instruction should be systematic, explicit and culturally responsive.  

Check out this Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum resource for early reading instruction, developed in consultation with experts in the science of reading and equitable reading instruction, including OISE's Dr. Todd Cunningham, Dr. Linda Iwenofu, Dr. Julia Ferrari & Toreigh Sheffer

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